Adlington Business Park

Adlington Business Park Introduction

Adlington Business Park and Industrial Estate is located in Adlington in Cheshire approximately 10 miles south of Manchester and 6 miles east of Manchester Airport. It occupies approximately 50 acres and is located adjacent to the proposed Poynton Bypass Route and the new South East Manchester Multi-Modal Scheme (SEMMMS) Route. Please see our Location page for further details.

Adlington Business Park Cheshire View

Adlington Business Park Properties

There are a wide range of existing Commercial Properties for Sale on Adlington Business Park and Industrial Estate including modern spacious Offices and High Tech Business Units, Storage and Warehouse units and Manufacturing and Industrial units. There are also vacant plots of Land for Sale that are suitable for a range of new buildings and development opportunities.

Adlington Business Park Cheshire Aerial Plan

Adlington Business Park Future

Adlington Business Park is adjacent to the former British Aerospace Systems Woodford Site which has recently ceased operations and is now being redeveloped as a housing site by Redrow Homes Ltd. In addition the Semmms A6 to M56 route is now under construction and the Poynton Relief Road route planning application is due to be submitted in early 2016. Adlington Business Park will then be connected directly to Manchester Airport and the national motorway system by 2017-19.

These developments offer an exciting opportunity for future employment and developments in the local area and in particular on the Adlington Business Park and Industrial Estate in Cheshire.